Senior Pet Wellness

Senior Pet Wellness Care from Your Veterinarian in Greenfield

If your pet has spent his whole life with you, you've seen the changes that occur from those first few weeks of life through adulthood. Now, several years later, your beloved friend may be showing some telltale signs of aging, from joint pain to vision or hearing problems. The senior years are also a time when his risk for many other ailments increases. That's why its so comforting to know that your veterinarian in Greenfield (Dr. Work, Dr. Taylor or Dr. Sylla) can provide senior pet wellness care here at Greenfield veterinary clinic.

senior pet wellness care with a veterinarian in greenfield

What You Should Know About Senior Pet Care With Your Greenfield Veterinarian

It can be disconcerting to realize just how fast our pets become "seniors." While some species and breeds live long than others (with giant breeds of dogs having relatively short life expectancies, for example), most pets can be considered geriatric by age 7. This milestone heralds several important changes in your pet's health and wellness needs. Senior pet care typically addresses many of the same age-related complaints seen in humans, including joint problems, cataracts, hearing loss, dental issues, diabetes, high blood pressure and organ failure. Many of the internal problems are associated with obesity, which may occur if your pet becomes less active while his food intake remains the same. A pet's cancer risk also rises with age.

Your Senior Pet's Wellness Exam, Treatment and Pain Management Resource

All of these issues are good reasons to look into senior pet care at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic either by your pet's seventh birthday or as soon as you notice any signs of age-related problems. We recommend a senior pet wellness exam twice a year, as opposed to the yearly exam schedule deemed acceptable for most younger animals. This increased scrutiny allows us to detect senior health issues in their early stages for more effective disease treatment and pain management. We will pay special attention to:

  • Hearing and vision
  • Cognitive and behavioral abnormalities
  • Gum disease, broken teeth or resorptive lesions (a dental affliction that occurs in older cats)
  • Thyroid, heart, kidney and pancreatic function
  • External masses or internal lab results that may indicate cancer
  • Signs of joint pain such as slow movements, lameness or unwillingness to climb or jump
  • Significant weight gain or loss

If your pet's exam reveals conditions that require special care, your veterinarian in Greenfield will be happy to provide it. Our pain management options range from medication and anti-inflammatory nutrition to joint reconstruction or fusion surgery. Weight loss may also relieve pain in arthritis joints while reducing the risk of diabetes, hypertension and organ diseases. Cancer or systemic diseases can respond to medications or other recommended treatments.

Your Greenfield Serving Oak Creek and Greater Milwaukee Senior Pets

If you need a trusted resource serving Oak Creek and Greater Milwaukee senior pets, you've found it at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic. Call today to schedule an appointment at (414) 282-5230 for your geriatric friend!


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