Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery With Your Greenfield Veterinarians

Minimally invasive surgery is an ideal solution for pets. It ensures your animals will have the least amount of pain and downtime as possible. For active animals, in particular, minimally invasive surgery is a welcomed option. Learn more about the opportunities of this type of pet surgery that we offer here at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic, your favorite veterinarian in Greenfield and Oak Creek.

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Minimally Invasive Surgery Explained

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) features small incisions often using lasers for decreased invasion of the animal’s internal body. More specifically, MIS uses specialized endoscopic instrumentation to perform surgical procedures. Minimally invasive surgery has been used for years on adults, such as for gall bladder removal or appendectomy. It is highly suitable for animals, as well. Using this innovative type of surgery we provide surgical procedures for small pets in the greater Milwaukee area. This allows your pet to recover from a surgical procedure in faster time, which helps to ensure a healthy recovery.

Minimally Invasive Surgery With Your Greenfield Veterinarian

Through minimally invasive pet surgery your pets can be treated using microscopic incisions and high-tech cameras. These devices allow us to complete the surgical procedure without the need for large incisions, extensive stapling, or excessive anesthesia. This ensures a lowered risk of infection and decreased scarring. Minimally invasive surgery also means reduced blood loss, which can be especially important for smaller animals. Through this revolutionary method of pet surgery your veterinarian in Greenfield and Oak Creek will be able to treat your pet faster and more efficiently.

Which Health Conditions are Treated Using Minimally Invasive Surgery at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic?

We are using minimally invasive surgery for pets at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic for spaying, neutering, lacerations, gastroplexy, and tumor removal. Other MIS examples can include the evaluation and treatment of joint diseases in animals, chest cavity surgery, and liver biopsies. If your pet needs to have a rhinoscopy, cystoscopy, urethsroscopy, or otoscopy, these can be handled using minimally invasive surgery. Reach out to your veterinarian here at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic to find out if we can use MIS to perform your pet’s next surgical procedure.

Why Choose Our Veterinary Clinic in Greenfield & Oak Creek!

If you are searching for an animal hospital and veterinarian in Greenfield and Oak Creek to handle pet surgery for your furry friends, we are available to you. Our location in the greater Milwaukee area allows us to serve you easier. We offer small animal medical and surgical services with the utmost professionalism. Thanks to more than 38 years of veterinary and animal hospital experience, we are fully capable of handling your pet’s minimally invasive surgery.

We provide everything from ultrasound to in-house lab work here at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic so to save you on time and hassle with pet treatments. For additional questions regarding minimally invasive surgery for your animals and pets contact our vet office today!


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