Laser Surgery

What is Laser Surgery For Pets?

Laser technology has evolved in the past few decades and is now more effective than ever before. If your pet needs surgery and you live in the Greenfield and Milwaukee area, Greenfield Veterinary Clinic is a great option for your veterinary care.

Puppy at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic being examined prior to laser surgery

Traditional surgery for pets requires the use of a scalpel and a skilled medical team to help open up a pet and then suture the incision closed after the procedure. The use of lasers is prominent now more than ever before with more surgeons and veterinarians choosing to use laser pet surgery instead of traditional methods. Laser surgery is the use of lasers to open the incision during the procedure instead of a scalpel or other traditional cutting methods.

The Benefits of Laser Surgery

There are several benefits to using laser surgery rather than traditional surgery. The first is that your pet is not going to bleed a great deal so the surgical site is going to stay drier and cleaner for the duration of the surgery. The laser is also going to seal the nerves so your pet is going to have less pain after surgery. This method is also very sterile so the chance of an infection is reduced with laser surgery.

Laser surgery also limits the number of instruments that need to be in the surgical field so the surgeon and the veterinary team has better access and a better line of sight. Laser pet surgery is more hygienic, it is often less painful, and it is all around easier and faster for a pet to recover from laser surgery than it might be to recover from a traditional surgery.

What is Laser Surgery Used to Treat?

There are a wide variety of surgeries that can be performed with the use of a laser over traditional tools. Spay and neuter, hernia surgery, intestinal surgery, and even eye surgery in a pet can be performed with the use of a laser. Your vet can explain which surgeries are best suited for laser options and those that are fine for traditional options. Laser surgery makes surgeries that would have been very difficult in the past, much easier, and a bit more accessible as well.

Pet Surgery in the Milwaukee Area

At Greenfield Veterinary Clinic we want to put your mind at ease and make sure that your pets are well cared for. Our veterinarians have all of the latest technology and a highly skilled team that will perform any laser surgery needed to help your pet recover. Contact us at (414) 282-5230 to schedule an appointment or to see what other services we offer to help keep your pet happy and healthy.


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