Pet Surgery

No one wants to see their loved one have surgery, even a furry loved one. Sometimes surgery is necessary in order to keep your pet healthy. Greenfield Veterinary Clinic serving Greenfield WI is here to calm your fears and make sure your pet gets the very best surgical care possible. Our doctors take each procedure seriously, whether it is a simple spay/neuter or a more complex lifesaving procedure, you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands.

Surgical Procedures

We are equipped to perform many different kinds of pet surgery at our facility serving Greenfield and Milwaukee. Our team will customize a surgical approach for your individual pet to address their specific issues. We understand that each pet is different and each pet surgery will be different too.

Common Surgical Procedures at Our Pet Clinic  

A few of our more common surgical procedures include:

Gastropexy- This procedure is used when a dog’s stomach expands due to excessive liquids, gas or organs. During this procedure the stomach is attached to the abdominal wall to relieve the “bloat.”

Tumor removal- When a pet develops a tumor is can be quite troubling to its owners. Because not all tumors need to be removed our vets will examine the tumor to determine if it does or does not need to be removed.

Lacerations- If your pet experiences a deep cut or laceration; they will need immediate vet care. Our team is prepared to administer stitches or surgical repair to get your pet well.

Surgical Methods

At our pet clinic we perform both traditional surgery as well as laser surgery. Traditional surgery usually entails anesthesia and surgical instruments. These procedures can have a long recovery time as well. Laser surgery is usually much less invasive and recovery time is quicker.

Post-Surgical Care

Many pet owners are concerned with the post-surgical care which they will be responsible for following their pet’s procedure. Our team will walk you step by step through follow up care. We are always available to answer questions or concerns you may have post-surgery. Before your pet leaves our facility, we will make sure you have been properly trained on how to care for them after their procedure.

Our team is available for follow up visits if you and your pet should run into any problems.

We are Just a Call away

You can contact us by calling our friendly staff today (414) 282-5230.  Come to Greenfield Veterinary Clinic it’s always a pleasure to serve Greenfield WI and Milwaukee.


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