Pet Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy for Cats and Dogs

Laser therapy is a surgery-free, drug-free and pain-free way to relieve pain in cats and dogs. This new technology helps your best friend get relief from everyday aches and pains and to recover from trauma. Cats and dogs benefit from laser therapy with reduced pain and inflammation and have increased mobility and range of motion. It’s a therapy used to treat multiple injuries and ailments in cats and dogs, including arthritis, muscle sprains, fractures, joint injuries, wounds and nerve injury.

It’s not uncommon for cats or dogs to develop arthritis as they age. Arthritic pain is often experienced in the hips, knee joints, backbone and shoulder. Symptoms often include limping, abnormal gait, stiffness, pain when handled, withdrawal and licking the painful joint. Laser therapy can help your pet live more comfortably when suffering from arthritis.

The cold laser in laser therapy utilizes a concentrated beam of light to stimulate damaged cells to generate more energy. It works on a cellular level to increase cellular function. The increased cellular activity helps alleviate chronic pain, reduce swelling, ramps of circulation, releases endorphins and speeds up healing and recovery. Treatments in laser therapy are performed by a trained technician, and pet owners can remain with their pet. The laser is directly applied to the affected area of your pet. Typically, multiple treatments are required during the first two weeks of treatment. Improvement is gradual with each laser therapy treatment. After the initial set of treatment, future treatments are spread out until your pet reaches a level of pain reduction.

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Greenfield Veterinary Clinic: Your Veterinarian in Greenfield

Greenfield Veterinary Clinic is your veterinarian in Greenfield who offers laser therapy for cats and dogs with a wide variety of injuries and ailments. Many of our pet owners have seen dramatic results in their pets after laser therapy treatment. Laser therapy zaps away pet pain. Their pets can now walk without limping and can romp once again. The therapy takes about 10 minutes on a small pet and about half an hour for larger dogs. At the Greenfield Veterinary Clinic, we make pets comfortable during the procedure.

Prior to laser therapy treatment, our experienced and caring vets run diagnostic tests like blood work and digital X-rays to identify the underlying cause of your pet’s pain or loss of mobility. Once we have the right diagnosis, we can begin laser therapy treatment. Our goal is to help your companion live a pain-free and active life.

If your pet is recovering from an injury or suffers in pain due to a medical condition like arthritis, laser therapy just may be the lifesaver that they need. Give us a call at (414) 282-5230 to schedule an appointment today. Take advantage of our free initial exam for new patients. And during February, we offer a 20 percent discount on pet dental cleanings.


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