Pet Exams And Routine Care

An Annual Well Pet Exam Saves Lives

It's time to schedule a well pet exam. Our veterinarians and support staff serving Greenfield, Franklin and Milwaukee encourage all pet owners to establish a pet wellness program as soon as possible after bringing a new pet home. Early wellness exams and initial vaccinations will give your canine and feline babies a better opportunity to live a long, vital life.

Our primary focus is to make sure all of our animal patients stay disease free, beginning with first shots, continuing through the years with regular boosters and wellness exams. This includes illness management and crisis intervention at every stage of the animal's life cycle.

Like humans, animals may develop chronic health conditions if nutrition and exercise aren’t monitored closely. Annual physicals give our veterinarians vital information about weight stability and oral health which could signal a nutritional deficiency or something more serious, early stages of diabetes, cardiac disease or a hormone imbalance. Our clinic provides a full range of on-site services for routine preventative care plus illness diagnosis and treatment.

Routine Care & In-House Diagnostics

When wellness checks reveal a potential problem, our veterinarian will order tests to confirm or rule out the suspect condition. If your pet develops or contracts a serious illness, early detection often determines the outcome. With an on-site pharmacy and laboratory you get test access to faster results and medication is available immediately. Modern testing instruments, including X-ray technology, endoscopy tools and ultrasound equipment allow our technicians to perform necessary tests and provide our veterinarian with detailed reports that allow prompt, accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Your wellness pet exam will typically include:

  • Updating your pet’s health record
  • Gathering a stool sample to check for heart worms
  • Updating vaccinations
  • Checking heart and lungs
  • A physical “pat down” to check for developing tumors or tender spots on the body, extremities, and joints.
  • Checking teeth and gums for signs of decay or illness
  • Inspecting ears for wax impaction, mites or inflammation

If your pet has a chronic health condition, the doctor may order additional tests to check blood glucose levels (diabetes) and hormone profiles (feline and canine thyroid dysfunction). If your pet’s health has declined over recent weeks or his eating patterns have changed, our veterinarian may order blood profiles to check for illnesses or order x-rays or an ultrasound to make sure your pet hasn’t ingested a foreign object.

Your animal’s health and wellness are very important to the team at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic. Keeping your pet happy and healthy is a priority for us. We understand that many of our Milwaukee area friends and neighbors are concerned about their pets and their budget, which is why we offer numerous discounts and special pricing.

Preventative medicine is less expense than treating illness and injury. We invite you to schedule a wellness exam for your pet today.


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