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Pet Dermatology From Greenfield Veterinary Clinic

If your pet is currently dealing with a skin rash or irritation of the skin, finding a solution so they are no longer in pain or discomfort because of this condition is necessary. One way to battle a dermatology issue is to give a call to Greenfield Veterinary Clinic to meet with our Greenfield veterinarian. Here are some common skin problems cats and dogs tend to suffer from and how our veterinarian can help.

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Skin Problems / Irritation

If your pet is dealing with a flea problem, they are likely to suffer from skin irritation at the sites where parasites bite at their skin. This can cause itchiness and anxiety in pets. If a pet scratches at their skin due to an anxiety problem, small cuts could cause irritation as well. Skin irritation could be the result of a dry skin problem. This can be fixed with changes to your pet's diet or with help from medication. Our veterinarian will check the condition of your pet's fur and make recommendations for a remedy.

Loss Of Hair

If your pet has patches of fur missing, it may be the result of a skin problem. Pets dealing with anxiety or depression tend to bite at their fur. This causes it to fall out over time. The skin will become irritated as the fur is not in place to protect it as needed. Observe your pet's actions and take a look at the exposed skin for scaliness, redness, or oozing. If the skin appears to be suffering from irritation, contact our veterinarian to make an appointment for an evaluation. Most skin problems due to loss of fur can be remedied with a prescription medication.

Different Types Of Allergies

If your pet suffers from an allergic reaction, their skin could suffer as a result. Some pets are allergic to vegetation, pollen, and mold. If your pet frequents the outdoors often, their symptoms may increase. Flea bites cause allergic reactions for many pets. It is best to treat your pet with a topical medication to remove all fleas from their coat, helping to minimize skin problems. Food allergies could also cause problems of the skin. Our veterinarian will discuss your pet's dietary needs and help you select foods that will not cause irritation or a rash to arise if an allergic reaction is found.

If your pet is suffering from a skin rash, irritation, or another ailment, it is best to have your dog or cat evaluated by our veterinarian to determine the cause for this condition. Contact Greenfield Veterinary Clinic in Greenfield to make an appointment with our veterinarian to handle any dermatology concerns. Call us at  (414) 282-5230.


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