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Pet Dental Care at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic In Wisconsin

When you think of taking your dog or cat to a vet clinic, you may envision vaccinations; spay/neuter surgery, or treatment for a specific illness or injury. But there's another aspect of your pet's health you must also consider: the health of his teeth, gums, and oral cavity. Even a routine dental exam and cleaning can make all the difference in ensuring a happier, healthier life -- and that's why we're happy to offer dog and cat dental care at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic in Greenfield WI.

dog getting vet dental careThreats to Your Pet's Dental and Oral Health

Dental problems can have a major impact on your pet's well-being. Tartar buildup on the teeth can attract bacteria, which in turn can cause periodontal disease, gum inflammation, and tooth loss. Cracked or broken teeth can make eating painful and lead to a root canal and jawbone infections. Oral cancer can even prove fatal.

You can't always tell whether your pet is in pain from a dental disease or injury, but there are other signs that he may need a trip to our vet clinic. These include loose teeth, eating problems (and the weight loss that may result), an aversion to being petted, foul breath, and signs of oral bleeding. Cancers may present themselves as new or unusual lumps in the oral cavity.

Dental Exams, Cleanings, and Treatment at Our Animal Hospital

Our animal hospital recommends annual dental exams and cleanings for most adult dogs and cats. Certain breeds which are predisposed to dental problems, puppies or kittens, and geriatric pets may need 2 or more such sessions per year. A thorough exam includes X-rays, evaluation of the teeth using dental instruments, and inspection of the oral cavity for cancer. Dental cleanings scrape away tartar that home brushing techniques could never remove, reducing the threat of bacterial infiltration and periodontal disease.

Don't be concerned by the fact that we perform dental exams and cleanings under general anesthesia. This strategy keeps your pet calm and anxiety-free. It also keeps him perfectly still while we perform our work. We are very careful to employ the safest anesthesia measures possible.

If your pet needs help with a dental problem, Greenfield Veterinary Clinic is ready to offer it. We can extract a seriously diseased tooth, administer treatments for oral cancer, prescribe antibiotic or anti-inflammatory medications, and recommend special diets to support dental health.

Choose the Veterinarian Greenfield Relies on for Dental Care

Bring your pet to the veterinarian Greenfield relies on for dental care. Call Greenfield Veterinary Clinic at (414) 282-5230 to schedule a routine exam, cleaning or any necessary treatment!


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