Pain Management

Pain Management for Pets With Your Greenfield Veterinarian

Nothing hurts worse than seeing a loved one in pain. If your pet is suffering, rest assured that Greenfield Veterinary Clinic is there for your beloved companion. We can determine the cause of the pain, provide any necessary treatment and administer pain management solutions to restore your pet's quality of life.

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A pet that shrinks away from your touch, cries or whines for no obvious reason, has trouble getting around or displays uncharacteristically aggressive behavior may be in pain. Dogs in pain also have a habit of keeping their ears pinned back against their heads. Causes of pain in pets may include:

  • Acute health crises - Acute or chronic injuries can cause constant or recurring pain. Ligament damage in a knee is a typical example. Lacerations, fractures, urinary blockages and internal organ damage can also cause intense pain.
  • Chronic pain conditions - Unlike the pain that fades with the resolution of an acute crisis, chronic pain is an ongoing problem related to an irreversible condition. Degenerative problems such as osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, nerve damage from diabetes and other painful conditions are especially common in senior pets, especially as they slow down, become more sedentary and put on more joint-straining weight.
  • Terminal conditions - Terminal conditions can cause intense, unremitting pain that can be very difficult to control. Cancer is one obvious example; even after the primary tumor is removed, pain may remain if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body.

Pain Management Options from Your Greenfield Veterinarian

Whatever the source of your pet's pain, your Greenfield veterinarian at our pet care clinic can provide the appropriate pain relief or (for chronic conditions) pain management options. We offer:

  • Medications - Different kinds of pain medications are optimized for specific types of pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as NSAIDs and corticosteroids can ease pain from inflammation produced by arthritis, injuries and surgical procedures, while narcotic drugs simply block the pet's ability to experience pain.
  • Nutrition - Many foods and nutritional supplements have naturally anti-inflammatory qualities that can help relieve acute or chronic joint pain and other kinds of inflammatory pain. Other dietary changes may include a weight loss program to take the burden off of weight-bearing joints.
  • Exercise - Gentle daily exercise can help keep arthritic joints limber, control weight and aid in overall pain management. We can recommend the right level of activity for your pet's condition.
  • Surgery - Surgery to repair musculoskeletal injuries, replace degenerated joints or remove tumors can put your pet back on the road to a comfortable life.

Compassionate Pet Care: Your Veterinarian Serving Greater Milwaukee and Greenfield!

We can help you make the right pet care choice for your beloved friend, up to and including end-of-life procedures if pain management can no longer help a terminal condition. You can rely on our vet hospital for compassionate pet care and pain management serving Greater Milwaukee and Greenfield! Call us today!


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