Nutritional And Behavioral Counseling

Nutritional and Behavioral Counseling: How We Can Help Your Pets Stay Happy and Healthy

happy kitty playing in the grass in Greenfield, WIAt Greenfield Veterinary Clinic, we want to address any possible problems with your pets early on to prevent more serious, long-term issues from developing. With nutritional and behavioral counseling services, we can provide you with the necessary tools to keep your pets healthy and happy for years to come.

Nutritional Counseling

Ensuring your pets stay on track with a healthy diet is one of the many services we offer at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic. Pets, like humans, need a well-balanced diet made up of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Our team will assist you in making informed decisions about what type of food is appropriate during a private nutritional counseling session.

Although all pet food brands may sound similar, they are actually quite different. Instead of choosing a pet food based on price alone, you may need to look into specialty food brands if your pet is suffering from a medical condition. Medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and kidney diseases often require drastic dietary changes for your pet. Your cat or dog may also need a certain type of food due to their age or breed.

Our veterinarian in Greenfield will answer all your questions about what to feed your beloved animal. We can also give you a nutritional plan to follow at home in order to better manage your pet’s health.

We have assisted many cat and dog owners who are concerned about their pet’s weight. Pet obesity is a genuine concern and can put your animal at risk for a host of future medical problems such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, decreased liver function, and high blood pressure. Obesity also attributes to decreased life spans in pets.

Behavioral Counseling

A pet’s bad behavior can undermine the everlasting bond you will form with your cat or dog. Bad behavior does not have to be an issue you continue to struggle with. When you come to our location, a trained veterinarian in Greenfield will advise you on how to turn around any bad behaviors your pet has been exhibiting.

Behavioral issues in pets will vary in complexity. At Greenfield Veterinary Clinic we are well versed in dealing with both simple and complicated behavioral problems. Examples of negative behaviors that we address at our facility include:

  • Excessive barking
  • Aggression
  • House training issues
  • Destructive habits
  • Biting
  • Separation anxiety
  • Thunderstorm phobia
  • Spraying
  • Digging

During our behavioral counseling services, we will advise you on strategies to deal effectively with your pet when he acts out. We can identify triggers that could be causing the pet to misbehave as well as find out if there’s a health reason behind the negative behavior.

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At Greendfield Veterinarian, we value your four-legged family members’ health and happiness. Give our office a call today to learn more about the many ways we can help get your pet’s behavior back on track at (414) 282-5230! You can also learn about how our personalized nutritional counseling sessions cater to your pet's specific needs.


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