Pet Illness

Knowing how to deal with a pet illness or emergency is very important, so you can get your cat or dog appropriate treatment promptly. Contact Greenfield Veterinary Clinic in Greenfield, WI, when emergency pet care is needed. Our veterinarians are available to examine your cat or dog. Here is some general information about pet illness to read over so that you can recognize the symptoms of a problem and know how to care for your pet when he or she is feeling under the weather. 


Observe Your Pet Often So Symptoms Are Noticed

Make it a habit to watch over your pet's habits each day so that you are aware of any unusual changes to his or her routine. When behavioral actions are not the norm, there may be an underlying problem to deal with. Changes in eating patterns and overall demeanor should be noted. If you do recognize a difference, give a call to one of our veterinarians to make an appointment for an evaluation.

Know the Signs of a Serious Illness

Most cats and dogs will suffer from a cold at some time in their lives. This type of illness does not necessarily require medical treatment. Although, seeing a veterinarian is a good idea as it will give you the peace of mind that your pet is not ailing from a serious illness. The common cold may take a few days or weeks to completely go away. 

Severe illnesses will cause your pet great distress. He or she may stop eating and drinking, causing them to lose weight and energy. Your animal may also become lethargic or depressed. If your dog or cat is unable to move around, he or she requires prompt medical intervention. If your pet cannot keep water or food down, he or she also needs to be seen by a vet right away.

What Our Veterinarians Will Do To Help

If your dog or cat is showing signs of an illness or if he or she requires emergency pet care to treat an injury, seeing one of our veterinarians is essential. Our practitioners will do a full evaluation of your pet's medical condition to determine if treatment is necessary. In some cases, medication is needed to remedy illness. Our vets will discuss options with you at the time of your pet's appointment.

Contact Our Veterinarians in Greenfield Right Away For Treatment of a Pet Illness

Reach out to Greenfield Veterinary Clinic in Greenfield, WI, when your pet needs assistance. Call our animal hospital at (414) 282-5230 to find out further information about our practice and services available.


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