Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work

Animals are not that different from humans when it comes to internal medicine and diagnostic evaluations. The same methods of lab tests, blood draws, sample examinations and similar can be applied to a dog or cat to see what might be causing internal problems for the animal patient. Whether it’s signs of an infection, or something more serious like cancer, the animal’s body is going to give off signals in the fluid samples that can be collection, just like what happens when one goes to the clinic for blood work and medical samples as well. We at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic in Greenfield, WI, know a lot about pet diagnostics and blood work.

Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work

How a Veterinarian on Our Team Can Help

Obviously, animals are not the most cooperative patients, even for a veterinarian. And while some kids being afraid of needles can put up just as much of a challenge as cats with all their claws out, most humans tend to be a walk in the park while asleep compared to uncooperative animal patients. Dogs and cats rarely like to sit still when poked with syringe or similar. However, with the right veterinarian, your furry friend can have samples drawn easier, and the results extracted from their examination with can help determine what is wrong with out pet.

Not only is the method relied on by veterinarians, but it’s also a very similar process to that applied to humans by regular medical doctors and lab specialists as well. Specimens are drawn, looked with chemical tests as well as microscopic analysis, and readings are compared to normal ranges versus abnormal results associated with given internal problems. For example, the liver and kidneys may give off multiple proteins associated with certain conditions. When this happens, they can be picked up in the blood work with specific measurements of density and frequency. That in turn is used to determine if a given organ condition is present or missing.

Contact Us for Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work from a Veterinarian on Our Team

We at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic in Greenfield, WI, can handle pet diagnostics and blood work. Whether it’s your local dog and best friend who’s feeling a bit under the weather, or a cat that is looking a little blue, our team can handle the sample collection and testing workload without issue. Because of our varied experience as well as regular application, we can pinpoint the key signals and signs within the sample work, providing our veterinarians the work they need to nail down a correct diagnosis. Internal medicine is challenging, but it can be addressed successfully when qualified pet diagnostics and blood work sample collection are used. Call us at (414) 282-5230.


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