Pet Dental Surgery

Expert Dental Care from Your Veterinarian in Greenfield

Dog dental exam

Proper dental care is necessary for keeping pets healthy, and if there’s a dental problem, your veterinarian in Greenfield, also serving Oak Creek and Great Milwaukee areas, may need to perform more advanced dental procedures beyond routine cleaning.

What is Pet Dental Surgery?

Our pet dental care procedures are surgical procedures performed under anesthesia to protect your pet from pain and stress and allow our veterinarian in Greenfield to perform the procedure without distraction. Our pet dental care surgeries range from routine cleaning to advanced surgeries such as tooth extraction. Pet dental surgery is performed in our stellar surgical suite, using pet-safe anesthesia while monitoring pets’ vitals during every moment of the procedure.

Signs of Dental Problems

If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms, it may indicate a problem that needs immediate attention and possible dental surgery:

  • Bad breath
  • Loose teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Drooling, difficulty chewing, dropping food
  • Poor appetite
  • Refusal to eat
  • Blood in the oral area

Conditions that Require Dental Surgery

During a routine cleaning, our Greenfield veterinarian may also take x-rays to check for more serious dental problems. Either through a visual inspection or from the x-rays, any of these issues that require more advanced dental care surgery may be discovered.

  • Tooth extraction: Your pet’s tooth may need extracting for any number of reasons ranging from periodontal disease to trauma to infection. Anytime a tooth is loose, it needs to be removed surgically.
  • Misaligned bite: Some breeds naturally have underbites, but sometimes these can be extreme to the point the pet has trouble chewing. In this case, the pet would need surgery to realign the bite.
  • Periodontal disease: Severe problems can develop when a pet’s teeth have not had routine cleaning, leading to a buildup pf harmful plaque. The plaque builds on the teeth and eventually forms tartar, the substance that turns the teeth brown. Eventually, the tartar seeps under the gums, causing gingivitis. Your pet will develop red, sore and swollen gums and eventually the gums recede and the pet loses teeth. The infections that accompany the periodontal diseases can lead to serious internal health problems such as heart disease. Our veterinarian in Greenfield will need to perform surgery to remove the tartar.
  • Broken teeth: a seemingly innocuous issue, a broken tooth is a favorite place for bacteria to migrate and cause infection. Plus, if the nerve is exposed, the pet will experience considerable pain. Broken teeth either need a tooth extraction, root canal, or vital pulpotomy (for younger dogs), all dental surgical procedures.

Unlike many veterinarians, Greenfield Veterinary clinic, also serving Oak Creek and Great Milwaukee areas have the capability and experience to perform complex dental care procedures. Call us for an appointment at (414) 282-5230 to have our veterinarian in Greenfield take care of your pet’s teeth. We are located at 5981 S 27th St Greenfield, WI 53221.


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