Pet Arthritis

When a dog or cat suffers from the symptoms of arthritis, obtaining treatment so that they are no longer uncomfortable is best. Contact Greenfield Veterinary Clinic in Greenfield to speak to our veterinarian if your pet is having difficulties with arthritis. Here is some information about Arthritis In Pets to read over including how our vet can help if your pet needs treatment for this condition.

cat being examined by its veterinarian

The Signs Of Arthritis

If you are unsure whether your pet has arthritis or not, there are a few symptoms you can look for to help you determine whether this condition is indeed present. Pets with arthritis will avoid situations where they will have pain. Dogs or cats with arthritic conditions will likely walk slowly or remain in one location in the home so that they do not experience discomfort. Some pets will have eliminations problems since they cannot get to a litter box or outdoors to go to the bathroom as easily as they had in the past. A pet with arthritis may shy away from your touch if you place your hand in the vicinity of an affected area of the body.

What Causes Arthritis

There are a few reasons why a pet would suffer from arthritis. Many pets with this condition start having symptoms after an injury to the body is sustained. Arthritis inflicts pets when their joints deteriorate. An injury may not heal properly or in its entirety, leading to arthritis. Arthritis can be hereditary and it often targets specific breeds of dogs or cats as well. 

How To Help Arthritis In Pets

Making things easier for your pet at home is a must if they are suffering from arthritis. Consider purchasing holders for their pet bowls or dishes so that they are lifted up from ground-level, making it easier for your pet to access. Allow for your pet to take their time if they walk slowly because of their condition. A pet that is prompted to quicken their pace could suffer from further injuries. 

What Our Veterinarian Can Do

If your pet has arthritis, seeking treatment from our veterinarian is the best way to reduce discomfort. Our vet will conduct a full examination to determine which parts of your animal's body are affected. This may include tests like X-Rays or MRIs to check on your pet's bones and muscles in detail. Our veterinarian will then make recommendations regarding treatment dependent on their findings. In many cases, a pet suffering from arthritis will require medication to battle pain effectively. 

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