Heartworm Prevention and Treatment

Pets can pick up heartworms, which can be highly dangerous. Heartworms can even lead to the death of pets, primarily when they infect dogs. Parasite treatment is available for dogs but is difficult for the pet. Therefore, it's always best to prevent heartworms, so your pet never gets sick. It's an integral part of your regular pet care.

Heartworms are a common threat to all household pets, but you must learn what they are. Knowing what they are and what they can do is a good idea, along with learning how to prevent these parasites. If a pet already has heartworm, they need treatment as soon as possible. Treatments and prevention are both available from the vet. When you bring your pet for pet care, ensure they are tested for heartworms and given parasite treatment or prevention. Call us at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic in Greenfield, WI, to see our veterinarian.


How Pets Get Heartworms

When a mosquito is infected with heartworms, it can spread them to a pet through a bite. This bite transfers the larvae to the animal and places them into the pet's bloodstream. After this happens, the larvae will grow up in dogs and get larger in cats. In dogs, these worms can achieve highly long lengths. The worms will mature inside the dog and get into the lungs and heart of the pet. They reach adulthood and then have eggs and larvae of their own, making the infestation worse.

In cats, the heartworms don't reach maturity, but they reach long lengths that can impede the inner workings of the cat's body. Dogs can get a parasite treatment when needed. In cats, there is no treatment available. They generally receive palliative care when they have these parasites.

Parasite Prevention

It's much easier to prevent the worms in the first place. However, prevention can be achieved with medication taken regularly. This medication makes them no longer vulnerable to these insects and is an excellent way to safeguard their health. This medication is chewable and easy for pets to ingest. Although to start this medication, your pet needs a negative heartworm test.

Visit Our Veterinarian

See our veterinarian to protect your pet from heartworms or get the necessary parasite treatment. To see the vet for essential pet care, call our Greenfield Veterinary Clinic in Greenfield, WI, to schedule your appointment. Contact us at (414) 282-5230.


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