Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks are common parasites that are known for living on pets and biting them to drink their blood. They are often seen as something annoying to get rid of. However, they can be extremely serious problems that can ruin the health of your pet. It is important to get rid of any fleas or ticks that you see, but it's also important to prevent them in the first place. There are effective medications on the market that can keep your pet free from both fleas and ticks, and some work to prevent other parasites as well. When you need pet care and parasite prevention for your pet, call our Greenfield, WI, office to see a veterinarian on our team. We at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic are here to help.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas and Your Pet

Fleas are commonly seen as something that is just an annoyance, but they are much more for your pet. They can cause a lot of medical problems for your dog or cat, spreading a host of diseases through their bites. Fleas can spread bacterial infections to pets. Pets can be allergic to the saliva of fleas, making the bite areas swell and get itchy. The allergic reaction can be a lot worse than itchy skin, though, and seriously harm your pet's health. 

Ticks and Your Pet

Ticks can be even worse for pets than fleas. They are extremely dangerous, spreading a lot of different infections to pets. These diseases can cause serious illnesses in pets, and some of them can result in the death of the pet. Ticks can spread diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease, among other serious infections. It's best to have your pet on flea and tick prevention medications whenever possible. 

Prevention Medications

There are a lot of different prevention medications that a pet may be put on. These are prescription medications that you may be able to get from a vet when your pet has their health exam. A veterinarian on our team will assess their health and let you know which type of medication your pet will need to stay free from fleas and ticks. Some of them are flavored tablets that are easy for the pet to eat. Others are pills.

See a Vet on Our Team

When your pet needs their pet care appointment, contact our office in Greenfield, WI, to get the flea and tick prevention they need. Call us at (414) 282-5230 for more information.


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