Dermatology FAQs

Greenfield Veterinary Clinic offers help to pets in Greenfield, WI for everything from illness, injury, common health concerns, and specialty areas.  Any of these can impair your pet’s quality of life, and we know you want to look out for your pet’s health and best interests so you can enjoy your time together. A skin rash or other dermatology concerns can mean constant irritation, so it’s important to treat these seriously and bring your pet to the veterinarian. 

Dermatology FAQs

What are the Signs of Skin Irritation?

Frequent and intense scratching, especially concentrated in the same spots, indicates skin problems. Chewing, repeated licking, and other behaviors that comprise over-grooming also signify skin irritation. Sensitive areas like the paws, ears, and mouth might flare up first, prompting your pet to paw or rub at them. Skin may appear pink and inflamed or dry and flaky, and can possibly develop sores from excessive scratching and chewing.

What Can Cause Skin Problems?

Irritated skin may be brought on by an infestation of parasites like fleas or ticks, particularly if your pet has an allergic reaction to the bites. It can also result from an allergic reaction to an ingredient in pet food, an environmental stimulus like a plant, chemicals in compounds like cleaning solutions, or medication.

Can a Rash Be a Secondary Symptom of Other Illnesses?

Rashes and other skin problems can result from something else going on internally. In addition to food allergies, skin issues can show up because of vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, and gastrointestinal illnesses. In addition, if a skin problem is not addressed, pets will continue to scratch, lick, and chew at their skin and create hot spots, which are red, inflamed areas that may become open sores.

Are Indoor Pets Safe from Dermatology Issues?

The outdoors are not the only source of skin problems. Household items such as cleaners and other chemical-based products can trigger allergic reactions that manifest on the skin. Changes in diet or sudden reactions to ingredients in food can trigger rashes, as can certain medications. Fleas and ticks, of course, can and do make their way into homes. 

What Kind of Medications Can My Veterinarian Prescribe for Skin Irritation?

The key to keeping your pet healthy is a thorough and accurate diagnosis by your veterinarian.  Once your veterinarian gets all the information about your pet’s condition, they can hopefully determine the root cause of skin problems and provide the most effective treatment. Unfortunately, allergies to specific plants, pollens, or even household chemicals are often difficult to pinpoint, so until then your veterinarian may recommend steroids or other compounds that ease pain and keep your pet comfortable.

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