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Greenfield Veterinary Clinic is a leading animal hospital in the Milwaukee area. We have an expert team of highly trained and experienced veterinarians that can treat a variety of different conditions effectively. We stay current on advances in veterinary medicine to better treat our furry patients. Our animal hospital does see some conditions more commonly than others, with parasites, allergies, dental conditions, and injuries being among the most common conditions that we treat. Below is a bit more information about these conditions.


Unfortunately, both dogs and cats often suffer from parasites. These parasites can be on the skin, such as fleas and ticks. We can inspect your pet closely to find fleas and ticks, then we will give you the medicine you need to get rid of these pests for your pet. Also, dogs and cats sometimes suffer from internal parasites. Dogs especially often suffer from heartworm. We can run the necessary tests to figure out if your dog has heartworm and dispense the appropriate medication for treatment.

Pet Allergies

We see a shocking amount of allergic skin conditions on the pets who visit us. Some of the most likely causes of pet allergic reactions stem from animal danders, pollens, or even mold. These skin conditions can be treated with medication and special shampoos.

Dental Conditions

It is quite common for dogs and cats to have plaque build up on their teeth. Many chew toys are designed to clean your pet's teeth, but they may still leave plaque. When your pet comes in for their annual exam, we can inspect their teeth for plaque. If there is plaque, we can clean your pet's teeth on the spot.


We are trained and equipped to provide emergency care for pets of various species. If your pet breaks a leg or gets a deep cut, rest assured that we can treat them. We can stitch up your pet just like a human would get stitches or put their leg in a cast so it can heal properly.

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Greenfield Veterinary Clinic is one of the top animal hospitals in the Milwaukee area. If you have any questions or would like more information about our services and the pet conditions that we treat, we'd be happy to help. Please give us a call or reach out through our website to set an appointment that works with your schedule.


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