Pet Boarding Offered For Cats and Dogs at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic

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Does your pet have special needs?
Board them at a location with a veterinarian only steps away!

You probably agree that there is truly no place like home and pets probably feel the same way, which is why it can be hard for both you and your pet when you have to go away. If you are looking for a safe place for your pets to stay while you're away or on vacation, Greenfield Veterinary Clinic offers pet boarding services for both dogs and cats. By leaving them in our care, you can be rest-assured that they will feel right at home. Another added benefit we offer is that a veterinarian is close by in case any medical needs would arise.

The Advantages of Pet Boarding

Boarding your cat or dog while you're away will ensure your pet will be kept in a clean, comfortable, and safe environment. You can also be confident that our experts will take great care of your pet and that they will be able to handle any need that arises. We will make your pet a priority, and believe it or not, your dog will probably receive more attention than they do at home.

One of the greatest advantages of choosing Greenfield Veterinary Clinic for your boarding needs is that a veterinarian is on site. We also have trained staff that love to play with cats and dogs and give them lots of love.

What to Look For When Boarding Cats or Dogs

If you are interested in boarding your pet, we highly recommend touring the facility first. Some things to look for include:

  • Odors are fresh and not offensive
  • Kennels are neat and tidy
  • Staff is friendly and welcoming
  • Pets look calm and free of anxiety
  • Cats are separated from the dogs

You should always trust your gut when touring a pet boarding facility. It is also a good thing to ask lots of questions to make sure all of your pets needs will be met during their stay. If you're unsure about our facilities, you can do a trial run that would involve doing an overnight stay or for the weekend. We want both you and your pet to feel completely comfortable. We do require that your pet's vaccinations are up to date and they are free of internal and external parasites.

Contact Us

Whether you are going away for a short time or an extended stay and need a place to board your pet, contact our Greenfield Veterinary Clinic at (414) 282-5230. We would love to give you a tour of our facilities so that you can be rest-assured your pet will get wonderful care while you are away.  We are located at 5981 S 27th St, Greenfield, WI 53221.


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