Pet Safety in Hot Weather

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Pet Safety in Hot Weather with Greenfield Veterinary Clinic

When a heat wave arrives, most people spend time outdoors enjoying the warm weather. If your dog or cat spends time outside with you during the hotter months, taking steps to keep them safe is a priority. At the first sign of a problem, give a call to Greenfield Veterinary Clinic and allow our veterinarian in Greenfield, WI conduct an evaluation of your pet's health. Routine visits to our animal hospital to meet with our vet also best for routine monitoring of your pet. Here are some precautionary actions to take to keep your pet safe when a heat wave is in full swing.

Avoid Leaving Your Pet In A Vehicle

Bringing your pet along for a ride in your vehicle to enjoy fresh air and a cool breeze is an exciting activity. It is important, however, to refrain from leaving your pet inside of a vehicle without your supervision for any amount of time when hot weather is present. Inside a vehicle, temperatures rise to lethal levels rather quickly. Leaving your pet in a vehicle, even with the window cracked, could lead to the death of your pet if their body is unable to handle the excess heat. Avoid the possibility of heatstroke, or worse, by leaving your pet at home when the temperature outdoors is at a dangerous level.

Look For Signs Of Heat Stroke

It is extremely important to keep a watchful eye on your pet when the temperature soars. If they are not kept hydrated, the chance of heatstroke settling in is a true possibility. Monitor your pet's water intake and make it a priority to keep water bowls filled at all times when the temperature rises. If you need to head out of the house, bring along a water bottle and collapsing bowl so you can tend to your pet as needed. Heatstroke signs include dizziness, excessive panting, lethargy, and muscle atrophy. Bring your pet to our animal hospital to see our vet immediately if you fear heatstroke is an issue.

Take Care To Watch Your Pet When Grilling

If you tend to grill food outdoors during hot weather, you need to watch your pet to ensure they do not become injured or sick during your outdoor eating sessions. Make sure to keep uncooked food out of reach of your pet as these are often fatty and can cause illness if your pet gets a hold of them. Watch over your grill at all times so your pet does not get too close, possibly causing burns or heatstroke to occur.

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If you want more information about hot weather safety practices, or if your dog or cat is in need of assistance or a checkup, contact Greenfield Veterinary Clinic to meet with our veterinarian Greenfield, WI. Reach our animal hospital at (414) 282-5230.


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