Dr. Work Helps Frozen Cat Live- Owners Name Cat After Him !

A cold weather tragedy has a happy ending, thanks to a loving owner and Dr. Work. In January, one of our wonderful clients, Vicky, found a stray kitten that was literally frozen to the ground - and brought it to Greenfield Veterinary Clinic for help. Although the cat was barely alive and the outcome uncertain, the Greenfield Veterinary Clinic team did not give up hope and worked together one day at a time to keep the kitten alive. The kitten, who was nicknamed " Frozen " by our team, had severe hypothermia and frost bite on it's ears, tail and legs. He was barely moving and not eating when he arrived. His first few days in the hospital were filled with ups and downs as our team worked to keep him warm, hydrated and fed. He was too weak to withstand surgery that was needed and all the team could do was wait to see if he was going to pull through. The little frozen kitten must have sensed the love that was waiting for him because one day, all of a sudden, the team's hard work paid off and he took a turn for the better ! His appetite started to improve, his eyes became brighter and he showed everyone that he wanted to live. As he regained strength, he was able to withstand surgery. The wicked frostbite had permanently damaged his rear leg and tail, which had caused severe infection and necrosis. Dr. Work had to amputate the left rear leg and tail. The tips of his ears sloughed off on their own due to permanent damage from the frostbite. But the Frozen kitty never gave up and he finally became strong enough to go home! And what a wonderful home he had waiting for him - he was adopted by our terrific client Vicky that had found him. She has named him "Jimmy" after Dr. Work

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We are thrilled to report that "Jimmy" has made a full recovery and is full of energy and life ! He even jumps over the gates at home ! Thank you to Vicky and her family for your love, kindness and compassion in saving this kitten. We are honored to have you as part of our Greenfield Veterinary Clinic family !!

Here is Vicky's story, in her own words :

On Sunday, January 11th. 2015. My husband Scott stepped out into our fenced in backyard because our dogs were barking at something in the corner of the yard. That whole week was below 20 degrees each night and it had snowed. As Scott walked over he saw something in the snow, when he noticed it was a kitten he was just going to try and chase him away so the dogs we stop barking.
But when he got closer the kitten started to cry and Scott realized he was buried down in the snow. He went and got a box with a pillow and when he went back to get pick him up he noticed that the kitten, now named Jimmy after Dr. Work was actually frozen in the snow. Scott had to scoop snow up with him to prevent tearing him from the ice.
I noticed that both his eyes were closed shut, I also saw his leg was raw to the bone. He smelled very bad. My son Matthew removed knotted fur and dirt in hopes it would help the smell. We did try to feed him, warm him and clean his eye but it was evident he needed immediate medical attention.
On Monday, matt brought Jimmy to Greenfield Veterinary. Dr Work did an initial exam and told Matt he would have to stay so they could fully determine what was wrong with him. He remained there for 2 weeks, he had to have a leg and his tail removed due to extreme frostbite. He had a respiratory infection, eye infection and was near death.
If it was not for Dr. Work and his dedicated staff Jimmy would have not been able to come home today to start his life in his new home. He will be loved and cared for.
Dr. Work and his staff truly love what they do and it shows. They care more about the animals that they see then they do about anything else.
Thank you all at Greenfield Vet for what you have done for us.


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