Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

The holidays are coming and, while they add fun and warm feelings with family and friends, the celebrations can be a danger to your cats and dogs. A special occasion for you can mean a trip to the veterinarian for your furry family member. Our Greenfield veterinarians, Dr. Work and Dr. Taylor, advise you to think before you celebrate during the coming holidays.

Our Greenfield Veterinarians Explain Holiday Pet Dangers

The holidays are among the busiest of times for veterinarians to see pets. We take care of cats and dogs every year that have ingested something dangerous.

holiday pet safety tips in GreenfieldHere are common food problems that most people have:

  • Giving bones to dogs. Chicken bones can splinter and round ham bones can get lodged in dogs' throats. Stick to chew toys if you want to give your dog a gift.
  • Leaving the garbage can uncovered. Dogs and cats both have been known to pop off a loose lid and dig around in the dinner discards. Fasten the lid tightly, or take the bag outside where they will be unable to get to it.
  • Holiday plants hanging close to the ground. Holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia are all poisonous to pets. Place them where they can't be reached, or use artificial plants.

Christmas means brightly wrapped gifts around the tree, so if you're celebrating be careful where you store your supplies. Dogs and cats both have been known to eat bright ribbons and scraps of paper, which can cause stomach distress or even a foreign body obstruction.

Decorating a tree can make your home look festive, but it may be filled with irresistible dangers to your pets. Hang tinsel up high where dogs can't reach, skip the edible ornaments such as popcorn strings and cookies on ribbons, and tape loose wires to the wall behind the tree to keep it away from gnawing animals.

Stop by Greenfield Veterinary Clinic This Holiday Season!

Our Greenfield Veterinary Clinic, serving the Greenfield Oak Creek and Milwaukee areas, are ready to help you with answers to pet safety questions during this holiday season. Stop by our Greenfield office or call us today, head on over to our contact us page for more information! 


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