Are Pet Vaccinations Necessary?

Are Pet Vaccinations Necessary?

Many pet owners, especially those with pets that live inside, do not believe that vaccinations are necessary. Pet vaccinations are critical for preventing dangerous illness in dogs and cats. Pet vaccinations can provide many benefits to both you and your pet. As your Greenfield veterinarian, we are proud to offer these vaccinations to help protect your pet.

Rabies Vaccinations for your Cat or Dog

Rabies is a virus that attacks the central nervous system and is transmittable through saliva to pets and humans. A rabies vaccination is the only way to prevent rabies in your dog or cat. The rabies vaccine is also required by law, and you must keep your vaccination paperwork up to date in case your pet accidentally bites someone in your household or a stranger.

Health Benefits of Pet Vaccinations

dogs and cats sitting down for vaccinationsPet vaccinations can save you both money and stress over your pet's health. Recommended core vaccinations for dogs include distemper, parvovirus and canine hepatitis. While all of these illnesses are not 100 percent fatal, they can be expensive to treat, and your pet may never be restored to full health after contraction of a number of these illnesses. Vaccinating your pet will save you money in the long-term and help keep your dog healthy.

Core cat vaccinations include feline distemper, feline herpes and calicivirus. Feline distemper is severely contagious and affects kittens more than adult cats. Feline herpes and calicivirus cause severe upper respiratory infections. Vaccinating your pet is the only way to protect your pet from contagious and potentially deadly illnesses and diseases.

Vaccinations Schedules with our Veterinarian in Greenfield

Our veterinarian in Greenfield can administer your cat or dog's initial round of vaccinations and help you determine the best vaccines and vaccination schedule, depending on your pet's age. If your pet is frequently kenneled or an outdoor pet, we may recommend additional non-core vaccinations, including kennel cough, Lyme disease and canine influenza.

To schedule your pet's annual vaccinations, call our office at 414-282-5230.

Did you know that vaccinating your pet can help protect your pet's health?


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