The Benefits of Laser Surgery for Your Pet

The Benefits of Laser Surgery for Your Pet

Every year, hundreds of pets undergo surgery for any one of a variety of health reasons. If your cat or dog is in need of surgery, we know that your pet's healing is a top priority--and it's ours, too. It's why many veterinarians use laser surgery as a safe and effective method for many canine and feline surgical procedures. 

What is laser surgery?

female vet technician holding a dog in her armsLaser surgery is performed with specialized machinery that produces an intense beam of light energy (the laser), which is then used as a surgical instrument to create incisions. In this type of surgery, the standard scalpel is essentially replaced by this laser beam. The highly concentrated energy and specific wavelengths of the laser beam "vaporizes" cells. Skilled veterinarian surgeons can direct this laser beam to specific tissues with high levels of precision and accuracy.

Why would my cat or dog undergo laser surgery?

Laser surgery has been successfully used for the treatment and/or management of a variety of soft tissue conditions which are common in cats and dogs, including:

  • Spay and neuter procedures
  • Removal of skin tumors
  • Certain surgical procedures involving the throat or mouth 

Getting Pet Laser Surgery in Greenfield

The main benefits of laser surgery for your cat or dog include:

  • Decreased bleeding, due to a laser's ability to cauterize blood vessels. Less bleeding also leads to faster recovery time. 
  • Decreased pain during recovery, on account of a laser's ability to seal nerve endings and reduce post-operative swelling (since tissues are not crushed by metal instruments). 
  • Reduced risk of infection, since a laser effectively destroys bacteria at the surgical site (this also tends to lead to faster recovery and with less complication).

Like any procedure, laser surgery does come with some risk. It's important to discuss all your options for your pet's health condition with your veterinarian. 

This year, the staff at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic wants to help you put your pet's health first. To learn more about pet surgery and other procedures, contact us to connect with your local veterinarian in Greenfield.


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