The Importance of Pet Teeth Cleaning

The Importance of Pet Teeth Cleaning

Proper care of your pet’s teeth is essential for his or her long, happy and healthy life. Greenfield Veterinary Clinic serves Greenfield, Oak Creek and the Great Milwaukee areas. Our clinic has a complete program of pet dental care for your dog or cat. Our program's mission is to educate pet owners about the importance of teeth cleaning for their pet’s health.

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Health Problems

Without proper pet dental care, your companion is susceptible to other health problems down the road. Periodontal disease is one potential issue. Your pet could also face kidney, liver and heart problems. Not only are these serious illnesses with potentially devastating outcomes, expensive vet care could be avoided with proper dental care.

Bad Breath

Most of us love puppy breath, but when the pups grow older and teeth issues develop, their breath can be nothing but foul. Good pet dental care and regular teeth cleaning will stop most cases of bad breath dead in their tracks.

Teeth Brushing

The ultimate in taking care of your pet’s teeth is a daily tooth brushing. We have how-to videos and our staff is also ready to assist in showing you the best techniques of getting your pet used to this new daily routine.

Tartar and Plaque

By the time your pet turns 3, if regular dental care has not been in the equation, periodontal disease is probably well under way.  Periodontal disease is caused by the buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth, but also under the gums. Between daily brushing, visit your veterinarian in Greenfield for yearly checkups and teeth cleaning, and, the chances of developing periodontal disease are greatly diminished.

Tooth Loss

If your pet does not get regular teeth cleaning, sometime you will probably find a tooth or two on your floor or carpet. Pets don’t let us know they’re in pain, but losing a tooth is indeed painful for them, pain that could be avoided.

Just as a regular teeth cleaning is important for you, it is just as important for your furry friend! Call Greenfield Veterinary Clinic today at 414-282-5230.


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