Our Emergency Pet Vet Serving Greater Milwaukee

Our Emergency Pet Vet Serving Greater Milwaukee

When you need emergency care for your pet, you need it NOW. Serving greater Milwaukee, our experienced veterinarian in Greenfield is here to handle your pet emergency at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic. Dedicated to giving excellent care, our emergency vet is trained and skilled to handle all pet emergencies.

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What If I Have a Pet Emergency?

When your pet is in a life-threatening situation, you need to get him to our clinic in Greenfield immediately. Get someone to come with you, and perhaps even drive so you can administer emergency first aid on the way.

Types of Pet Emergencies

Allergic Reaction

An allergic reaction is serious and can result in anaphylaxis. An insect sting, antibiotics, vaccines and foods all can cause a severe allergic reaction in a pet.


When a pet collapses it’s a life-threatening event. Symptoms of collapse include no pulse, breathing difficulty, blue or white gums.

Toxic Substances

Ingesting a toxic substance can cause severe harm or even death. Vomiting, diarrhea, listlessness and pain are signs that your pet has consumed something toxic such as a poisonous plant, chocolate, or harmful chemical.


Injury, whether major or minor trauma, can quickly escalate to a critical stage. A fall, dogfight, or car accident can bring on any degree of critical trauma.

Additional Pet Crises

Care of geriatric pets and their special needs is another situation that can result in crisis such as sudden kidney or heart failure. Seizure is a terrifying thing for pet owners to witness, and certainly a situation for your emergency vet. Wound care is always a concern, especially when the need to stem bleeding is dire.

No matter what the crisis, we have an immediate and expert treatment.  Bandaging, pulse oximetry, IV fluids, isolation, overnight care, oxygen therapy, pain management and complete in-house diagnostics, our veterinarian in Greenfield has the experience and expertise to treat your pet no matter how dire the circumstances.

To see how we can further assist, please contact us today at 414-282-5230! 


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