February Dental Special From Your Veterinarian

February Dental Special From Your Veterinarian in Greenfield: 20% Off Dental Cleaningsgreenfield pet dental

Greenfield Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer substantial savings on one of the most critical but overlooked veterinary services offered at their animal clinic: pet dental care.

To raise awareness about the importance of pet dental health, the Greenfield animal clinic will be offering 20% off all pet dental cleanings in recognition of National Pet Dental Health month. This sale will also extend through the month of March.

Veterinarian in Greenfield Promoting Pet Dental Veterinary Services

Your veterinarian in Greenfield strives to educate their clients on the importance of routine dental care for animals. Pet owners are often very vigilant about general veterinary care for their pets; however, they don’t always seek out pet dental exams among the veterinary services available to their pet.

Just like humans, animals need dental care for optimal health and well being. Good oral health is essential for a strong immune system and proper organ functioning. Problems with oral health indicate an excess of bacteria, which can lead to cavities, periodontal disease (gum disease), abscess, tooth loss, and worse.

Pet Dental Health Crucial to Heart Health, Overall Health

In extreme cases, poor pet dental health can even lead to cardiovascular disease and a negative impact on organ health. This is because the excess bacteria in the mouth can leach into the bloodstream and then travel throughout the body. This can tax the organs, the immune system, and open the door to a range of other illnesses.

The February dental special offered by Greenfield Veterinary Clinic will extend through March 31st, 2017 to help ensure all area pets can receive a teeth cleaning. All dental cleanings will be 20% off during this time.

If your pet hasn’t had a pet dental exam and cleaning in over a year, they are probably overdue. Now is the perfect opportunity to make sure your pet receives this important veterinary service this year. Greenfield animal clinic and veterinarian Greenfield Veterinary Clinic will do a thorough job to ensure any dental issues can be detected and treated while they are still in the early stages. Call today to book your pet's dental appointment.


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