Senior Pet Care Tips

Expert Senior Pet Care by Greenfield Veterinarian

Senior pet care

You remember so clearly that romping puppy or kitten and you wonder when your beloved pet got a little slower, slept a little more, and got a little grayer. Our Greenfield veterinarian specializes in senior pet care: keeping treasured pets happy, healthy, and comfortable as they slowly find their way into the twilight years.

When Pets Become Seniors

Once your pet reaches age 7, he or she is considered senior and that’s the time you may notice changes. Decreased appetite, some gray in the coat, less of an interest in play and sleeping noticeably more are common changes. Although these often don’t mean anything, it’s still a good idea to check in with our animal clinic and begin a senior pet car plan with your Greenfield veterinarian.

Senior Pet Care Tips

Our senior pets require a different level of care to keep them healthy and comfortable. Once your pet reaches 7, we strongly encourage semi-annual wellness exams so we can keep a close eye and catch anything before it becomes serious. Each exam will be as thorough as the annual and will include vaccinations as necessary. We may also perform more testing on a routine basis such as bloodwork, urinalysis, and parasite testing.

Warning Signs

As pets age, they are commonly faced with such problems as cancer, kidney diseases, and heart disease. Cancer symptoms vary from lumps to swelling in the abdomen. Those with kidney disease will drink water seemingly non-stop, lose their appetite, have more or less urine output, and perhaps vomit. Those with heart disease may show coughing, shortness of breath, tiredness and decreased appetite.

Staying Healthy

Keeping our seniors healthy is a team effort between you and your Greenfield veterinarian. Talk to us about diet changes for your senior as their nutritional needs change, and keep up with a regular exercise regime – brisk walks around the block.

Our animal clinic welcomes all seniors and promises to give them the very best senior pet care. Call us for more information at %CLIENT_PHONE% and ask about our new client special. We are located at 5981 S 27th St. Greenfield, WI 53221.


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