Introducing the Thermographic Camera, Our Newest Diagnostic Tool

Thermographic Camera Improves Pet Diagnostics at Your Greenfield Animal Clinic

Thermography is an imaging diagnostic tool used by your veterinarian in Greenfield to diagnose, monitor and treat all types of pet illnesses, diseases, and injuries. The thermographic camera does not emit radiation and presents no discomfort to your pet. An indispensable addition to other veterinary diagnostic tools such as ultrasound, MRI, CT and x-rays, thermographic cameras provide vets with high definition images of your pet's anatomical structures to accurately detect sites of inflammation and pain so that vets can begin appropriate tests and treatments as soon as possiblethermographic camera  at your greenfield animal clinic

How Does the Thermographic Camera Work?

Thermographic diagnostics involves detection of the smallest temperature changes in your pet's vascular, nervous, muscular and skeletal systems. Images transmitted by thermographic cameras reveal the totality of your pet's physiological condition by mapping surface skin temperatures as they respond in real time to changes in the circulatory system (blood flow). When your pet is healthy, thermal patterns on his skin are symmetrical because blood flow is regulated by the sympathetic nervous system. By interpreting fluctuations in thermal patterns, your Greendale vet can identify soft tissue, skeletal and nerve problems, damage or dysfunction. In addition to its diagnostic value, thermographic cameras are highly efficient for monitoring pets recovering from illnesses or surgeries.

Benefits of Thermographic Cameras in Veterinary Diagnostics

Your veterinarian in Greenfield highly recommends thermographic technology when treating ill or injured pets because:

  • Your pet does not need to be in close contact with the thermographic camera, which reduces anxiety in excitable pets
  • No sedation is needed to use the thermographic camera. Your pet remains awake and comfortable during the procedure
  • Thermographic cameras can accurately detect minuscule lesions/tumors, determine the severity of injuries and identify problematic areas not previously detected with other diagnostic tools

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