Importance of Pre-Anesthetic Lab Work for Pets

Why Pets Need Pre-Anesthetic Lab Work Before Surgery at Our Animal Hospital

Pre-anesthetic, in-house lab work and diagnostics ensure pets needing invasive procedures have properly functioning organs capable of processing and eliminating general anesthetics from the body. Tests provided by your Greenfield veterinarian serving the Oak Creek, Greendale, and Milwaukee areas are also essential for revealing undetected health problems that could place your pet a risk for suffering complications due to the administration of an anesthetic.

pre-anesthetic lab work before surgery at animal hospital in greenfield

How Will Your Pet Feel After Coming Out of Anesthesia?

The majority of veterinary procedures requiring general anesthesia do not present health risks to pets. In fact, less than one percent of pets receiving anesthesia experience moderate to serious side effects due to anesthetic agents. Any side effects of pet anesthesia are temporary and typically involve vomiting once or twice, sleepiness and lack of appetite for 24 to 48 hours following surgery. Rarely do animals experience life-threatening complications while under anesthesia as long as they undergo pre-anesthetic, in-house lab work at our animal hospital.

Pre-Anesthetic Lab Work Performed at Our Animal Hospital

Depending on your pet's age and the type of procedure he needs, your Greenfield veterinarian may run one of two blood panels. Complete blood counts and six-panel chemistries are usually given to pets under five years old and for routine procedures such as neutering, spaying, and declawing. Older pets should undergo an electrolyte/CBC/12-chemistry blood panel, as well as pets needing complicated, orthopedic or dental procedures. These diagnostics can reveal hidden medical issues ranging from liver disease, kidney disease and hypoglycemia to pancreatitis, parathyroid disease, and systemic inflammation.

Call Your Greenfield Veterinarian Today!

We understand how worried and concerned pet owners are prior to their pet undergoing a procedure requiring general anesthesia and do everything we can to help reassure them their pet will receive exceptional care by compassionate, experienced veterinarians and veterinary technicians. If you think your pet may need surgery or dental work, please call your Greenfield veterinarian serving Oak Creek, Greendale, and Milwaukee areas to schedule an appointment: 414-282-5230.


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