Proper Care for Pets in Warm Weather Months

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At Greenfield Veterinary Clinic, our Greenfield veterinarian and team take pride in serving your pet with the highest standard of care. Proudly serving Greendale, Oak Creek, and greater Milwaukee areas, our clinic offers the health and wellness services your pet needs at all stages of life. And with the warmer months of summer upon us, now is also a good time to review some pet safety tips for warm care during the warm months from your veterinarian in greenfield

Pet Safety Tips for the Summer Months

During this time of year, we tend to see an increase in the number of pets brought in with signs of heat stroke and other weather-related issues. Fortunately, there are simple steps all pet owners can take to protect their pets. 

For starters, if you have a pet that spends any amount of time outdoors, make sure they're on a flea, tick, and parasite prevention medicine. Otherwise, you run a greater risk of your pet contracting these pests during the warmer months of summer! If you're not sure which preventative is best for your pet, speak with our veterinary team and we can make a recommendation.

Furthermore, while your pet may love being outdoors during the summer, it's important that you make sure they have access to shade and plenty of fresh water while they're outside. Furthermore, give your pets opportunities to come indoors, especially during the warmest hours of the day (mid-afternoon). 

If you take your dog for a walk on a hot, sunny day, be aware that sidewalks and walkways can be extremely hot on your dog's feet. Allow your pet to walk in the cooler grass or wait until the sun has started to go down before going on a walk.

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By keeping these pet safety tips in mind, you can protect your pet from injuries, pests, and even heat stroke this summer. And remember, if your pet ever needs anything, you can schedule an appointment with our animal hospital. Give Greenfield Veterinary Clinic a call at (414) 282-5230!

What will you do to protect your pet this summer?


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