Why Is My Dog Vomiting?

If your dog is vomiting, there is a host of problems that they could be having. When your dog does vomit, it's important to figure out whether there are any other symptoms so that a diagnosis can be made. It's also important to notice whether the vomiting comes on quickly or happens occasionally. To find out more about why your dog is vomiting, schedule a veterinary exam at Greenfield Animal Hospital in Greenfield, WI.

Acute and Sudden Vomiting

If the vomiting comes on very quickly, it can be caused a wide range of issues. Your dog may have a gastrointestinal bacterial infection, have something foreign in its gastrointestinal system, or may have ingested something toxic. If you have changed your dog's diet at all, that can cause an upset stomach due to food intolerance.

Excess bloating can cause sudden and acute vomiting in dogs, as can certain viral infections. If your dog has heatstroke or takes certain medications, it can cause vomiting. There may be inflammation in the intestines or obstruction there. Serious or sudden vomiting can also indicate organ problems such as liver failure, kidney failure, pancreatitis, or uterine infection. Diseases such as parvovirus can also cause sudden vomiting. Our veterinarian will assess your pet’s condition to determine what is causing them to vomit and provide the corresponding treatment.

Frequent Vomiting

If your dog is vomiting frequently, several underlying conditions may be responsible. It's important to notice the other symptoms such as weakness, fever, abdominal pain, depression, dehydration, bloody vomit, or weight loss. If the vomiting happens just once and they still eat and have bowel movements, it may be a passing problem that does not require professional attention. If vomiting persists, contact our veterinarian immediately.

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