Toxic Ingestion & Poison

As a dog or cat owner, you want to take precautions to prevent them from accidentally ingesting toxic substances since they could poison your pet. If you suspect your pet was poisoned, contact Greenfield Veterinary Clinic in Greenfield, WI to speak with our emergency vet for an assessment of your pet’s condition. Let’s look at a few of the signs of poisoning, what to do to protect your pet against it, and what our veterinarian can do to help if poisoning occurs.

Signs Your Pet May Have Ingested Something Poisonous

There are a few signs that indicate your dog or cat may have eaten something poisonous. Your pet may froth at the mouth or vomit in an attempt to rid the body of the toxin. It may stop eating, wheeze, cough, or become lethargic. In severe instances, your pet may become unresponsive and emergency veterinary services are required immediately.

How To Protect Your Pet Against Poisoning

Make an effort to check all of the areas that your pet frequents for toxic substances. Get down to your pet's level, so that you do not miss any poisonous items where your pet is likely to come into contact with them. Check the ingredients on items to determine if they are edible and lock possible toxins in cabinets or place them on high shelves where your pet cannot access them.

What Our Veterinarians Can Do To Help

If you suspect your pet has eaten a toxin, contact our veterinarians immediately. If you have the packaging of the toxic substance available, read the contents to our vet over the phone, so we can provide directions regarding treatment you can administer at home. Immediately bring your dog or cat to our office, so your pet can receive a full evaluation.

Get Emergency Veterinary Care in Greenfield, WI

If your pet requires treatment for toxic ingestion, contact Greenfield Veterinary Clinic to alert our emergency veterinarians about the situation. Call our team today at (414) 282-5230 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form for non-emergencies.


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