How to Prepare for Your First Road Trip with Your Pet

It can be a lot of fun to take your pet on a road trip with the family, but at the same time, it can be a stressful experience for you and your pet. Our veterinarians at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic would like to share some tips that will help pet owners in Greenfield to prepare for their road trip.

Visit the Veterinarian for a Pet Exam

It is important to schedule an appointment for a pet exam so your pet can get checked out before the road trip. You want to make certain that your pet is healthy enough to take the trip, up to date on vaccinations, and does not require treatment for any health issues.

Update Your Pet’s ID Tag

Although you hope the last thing that happens while on your road trip is that your pet gets lost, you need to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Get your pet’s ID tag updated with the latest contact information. The same is true for your pet’s microchip if it has one. If your pet does not have one, you may want to consider a pet microchipping procedure before the trip.

Bring a Copy of Your Pet’s Vaccination Records

If your pet has never been on a road trip, it may get carsick and need some medication to keep the sickness at bay. Alternatively, your pet may need to be boarded while your family does something for the day. Whatever the case may be, if your pet requires medical attention from a veterinarian or the services of a kennel, you will need a copy of your pet’s vaccination records.

Schedule a Pet Exam with Our Veterinarians in Greenfield, WI

Pet road trips can be a lot of fun for both pet owners and pets, but without the proper preparation, these trips can go downhill for any number of reasons. Before you head out on your road trip with your furry friend, get your pet checked out by one of our veterinarians at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic. Call our team today at (414) 282-5230 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.


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