Cold Weather Tips

Cold Weather Tips from Our Greenfield Veterinarians

Our veterinarians at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic in Greenfield, WI, understand that you want your pet to stay safe as the cold weather approaches. Our team has gathered a few tips to keep your furry friends safe while the temperature drops.

Understand Your Pet's Needs

One of the best things you can do is pay attention to the needs of your pet. Some pets can more easily tolerate the cold than others, which makes dressing your pet for the weather an important component of cold weather care.

Leash & Microchip Your Pets

Pets often get lost in the winter, and it can be difficult for animals to make their way home when the ice and snow block them from familiar smells and sights. Your best bet for a happy reunion with your pet is to leash and microchip your pet. Microchipping your pet significantly increases the odds of being reunited if it gets lost.

Avoid Walking & Playing on the Ice

Ice can break easily. Many pets come to our animal hospital each year because they have been playing on the ice and fell into freezing water. You can avoid the risk by keeping your pet away from the ice.

Clean Up Antifreeze Spills Thoroughly

Antifreeze is both attractive and deadly to cats and dogs. Make sure that you clean antifreeze spills quickly and ensure you store it somewhere animals do not have access. Doing so could save an animals' life.

Contact Our Veterinarians in Greenfield, WI

Our veterinarians at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic provide quality pet care all year long. We want to keep our furry patients happy and healthy by providing the veterinary care they need. If you live in or around Greenfield and would like to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians, call our team today at (414) 282-5230 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.


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