Dog Skin Problems

Managing Dog Skin Problems

With their fluffy coats, it can be easy to forget that dogs can get skin problems too. However, minor skin problems are common, and may not be immediately obvious.

Your veterinarian in Greenfield, MI, can help you identify if your dog has a problem, but here are some common signs.

Symptoms of a Skin Problem

Some skin problems are obvious. You may notice your dog's fur falling out or open wounds on the skin. If the problem is caused by severe parasite infection, you may see insects crawling around.

However, many infections are more subtle. Have you ever seen a dog constantly licking its paws? That can be a sign of an infection or an allergy. Scratching more often than usual may also be an indicator, as well as a general restlessness that may indicate your dog cannot get comfortable. Even purely cosmetic things, such as dandruff or dry fur, may indicate poor skin health.

When to Visit a Veterinarian in Greenfield

Not all skin issues are a sign you need to rush to an animal hospital. Some are of these symptoms may be simply caused by dry skin or other minor problems. If your dog is just a little itchy or has some small irritation, it cannot hurt to call your vet, but it is probably something you can treat at home. Fish oil capsules and other supplements are common and generally safe remedies for minor skin issues.

However, many problems are caused by parasites or more serious underlying health issues. For those, it is important to consult with your veterinarian for safe and effective treatment.

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