How To Clean Your Pets Ears

Maintaining the Health of Your Pet's Ears

Ear infections in pets are not uncommon, especially in dogs with large ears. The ear canal of a dog is shaped in a way that makes them prone to ear infections. Regular pet grooming that includes ear cleaning can save you a trip to the veterinarian for ear infection treatment. At Greenfield Veterinary Clinic we offer treatment for ear infections, but we also examine the ears during a pet’s wellness exam. During your pet’s wellness exam, we check the ears for infection, mites, or a buildup of ear wax.

How to Clean Your Pet’s Ears

Only clean your pet’s ears when it is needed. Probing and cleaning unnecessarily can cause irritation and may actually lead to infection. A healthy inner ear should be pink and odorless. If it isn’t, it’s time to clean it.

Start the cleaning process in a room you can clean easily after the treatment. The cleaning process can be irritating to an animal causing vigorous head shaking when you’re finished. The fluids can be strewn and flung into far reaching areas. Cleaning on carpets or near couches should be avoided.

Use veterinarian approved ear-cleaning solutions. Place the solution onto a piece of cotton gauze or a cotton ball. Displace the solution into the animal’s ear and massage gently for under one minute. Allow the animal to shake out excess liquid. Do not place the gauze or cotton ball into the animal’s ear canal. Do not use Q-tips to extract debris from the animal’s ear. Use the cotton ball or gauze to wipe away matter that’s been shaken from the ear canal. Do not go deeper than one knuckle into the ear with the gauze or cotton ball.

Keep a close eye on your pet to watch for signs of an infection. Some signs of an ear infection include odor, shaking the head, scratching at the ears, fluid discharged from the ears, redness inside the ear, and obvious pain and distress in your pet. If you notice any of these signs, it’s a good idea to reach out for our veterinarian assistance.

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At Greenfield Veterinarian Clinic, we are familiar with ear infections. It’s always better to treat an ear infection early. Prolonged waiting can cause an emergency situation and unnecessary pain for your pet. We are here to help you and your pet maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Call us to see how we can help!


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