Signs of Arthritis in Pets

Signs of Arthritis in Pets

If you have an older pet or one that has been injured in the past, you may notice your pet has signs of arthritis as a result. If you believe your dog or cat has arthritis, contact Greenfield Veterinary Clinic to meet with one of our veterinarians. If you live in Greenfield, Milwaukee, or the surrounding area, visit our animal clinic for a diagnosis and treatment options for your furry friend.

Warning Signs of Arthritis

A pet that is suffering from arthritis will likely avoid situations that cause pain or discomfort. You may notice that your dog or cat does not run, jump, or walk as quickly as it did in the past. It may not want to spend time exercising and will avoid playtime if arthritis is an issue.

How To Help A Pet With Arthritis

If your pet has arthritis, do not force it to exercise or walk quickly so it does not suffer from discomfort as it moves around. Place your pet's bedding in an area where it can be accessed without difficulty. Food dishes and water bowls can be raised if your pet struggles to reach down toward them.

What Our Veterinarians Can Do To Help

When you bring your dog or cat to our practice for an evaluation, alert our veterinarians that you believe arthritis is causing your pet to suffer from discomfort. We will use a gentle approach to check over your pet's body from nose to tail. Your pet may need a few tests to determine whether arthritis is causing distress, or if another medical condition is to blame.

Veterinary Care in Greenfield, WI

If you are seeking arthritis treatment for your pet and live in the Greenfield or Milwaukee area, contact Greenfield Veterinary Clinic to make an appointment with one of our veterinarians. Call our animal clinic today at (414) 282-5230 to find out more about the veterinary services we provide or to schedule a consultation.


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