Heat Stroke in Dogs & Cats

Prevent Your Dogs or Cats from Overheating with These Pet Tips

Summer is all about sunshine, long days, and having fun outside. Sometimes, when weather permits, we even take our pets outside to enjoy the summer warmth. However, it is important to make sure your pets don’t overheat. Heatstroke is a common issue with pets during the summertime, and we at Greenfield Veterinary Hospital want every animal owner in Greenfield and Milwaukee to take the necessary precautions to protect their pets from heatstroke. The following pet tips from our veterinarians give you more insight into what you can do to prevent this issue.

Pet Tips to Protect Your Pets from Overheating

Never leave your pets in a car. On a 70-degree day, after 30 minutes, the interior temperatures of a car can rise to 104 degrees. Within an hour, the temperatures can reach as high as 113 degrees, which puts your pets in danger of getting heatstroke.

Don’t walk your pets during the hottest hours of the day. It is better to take them out in the early morning or evening hours of the day.

Make sure that your pets always have access to water and shade when they are outside. 

Be careful where you let your pets walk when it is hot outside. The hot pavement can burn their paws, ensure that you are walking your pets on the grass as much as possible.

Don’t rely on a fan to cool down your animals. Pets cool down differently than humans, and a fan may work for humans but not so much for animals.

Know the symptoms of heatstroke so that if your pets are experiencing them, you can promptly take them to our veterinarians for treatment. Signs of heatstroke are dehydration, little or no urination, heavy panting, extreme drooling, unusually fast or irregular heartbeat, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Phone Our Veterinarians in Greenfield and Milwaukee

Heatstroke is a dangerous condition that can adversely affect the health of your pets. If you suspect that your pets are suffering from it, give Greenfield Veterinary Hospital a call immediately at 414-282-5230 to talk to our veterinarians.


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