National Dog Day in August

National Dog Day in August

National Dog Day, August 26th, celebrates all pups. We at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic not only believe in that bond, but we promote the health of your animal companion so you can enjoy their company for a long time to come. Serving the Greenfield and Milwaukee area, we are here to answer questions and provide the care your dog deserves.

The Meaning of Nation Dog Day – August 26th

Our furry feline friends deserve a day of celebration. But, more than that, it is a day to bring awareness to animal abuse and promote dog adoption.

National Dog Day celebrates mixed and pure breeds. The mission was founded by Colleen Paige to galvanize the public to how many dogs are in shelters, every day, and the need for rescue or adoption. It also puts a spotlight on how they save and help human lives.

Speaking of saving lives, it is canines who risk their lives as law enforcement agents, as security officers for their owner’s homes, and as soldiers in wars across the world. Dogs even detect illnesses and help alert to oncoming seizures.

Rescuing Your Future Friend

It is the right of pet owners to purchase dogs. However, avoiding puppy mills, internet ads, and backyard breeders help all dogs, pure or mixed breed.

National Dog Day is about encouraging people to rescue pups from shelters. Pet stores often host adoption drives, too. Also, a veterinarian will give potential dog owners advice on where to best locate the dog of their dreams.

Birthday Buddies

National Dog Day becomes the birthday of many dogs adopted that day. National news stories, online videos, and events happen around August 26th in the celebration of dog ownership and the friends we find.

Many people plan parties for their pups around the date, and people around the globe work towards pet adoption for all possible pet owners.

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