Signs of Arthritis in Pets

Signs of Arthritis in Pets

Knowing the signs of arthritis in pets will help you to know when to seek medical help to obtain proper treatment for your animal companion. If your pet is suffering from arthritis, give Greenfield Veterinary Clinic in Greenfield a call to meet with our veterinarian. Here are some signals that indicate your pet is indeed having difficulty with arthritis.

Avoiding Activities That Were Previously Enjoyed

If your dog or cat now avoids activities that he used to love, he may be avoiding them altogether because of pain and discomfort. A pet that no longer wants to go on long walks or play with toys could be suffering from arthritis. 

Struggling to Climb or Jump

A pet that takes the stairs slowly may be having discomfort in his legs or body. You may notice that your dog or cat no longer jumps to get up on the bed or couch and will take to the floor instead. Observe your pet's actions and contact our vet if you think he is struggling to move to locations in your home without difficulty.

Pain When Touched or Peculiar Movement

Some pets will become injured if they move their bodies in a way to avoid the pain of arthritis. If your pet seems prone to accidental injuries, he may have arthritis. A pet with arthritis may meow, bark, whimper, or yelp when the affected area of the body is touched. If your pet seems to be in any type of pain, it is best to have him evaluated by our veterinarian right away.

Contact Greenfield Veterinary Clinic to meet with our Greenfield veterinarian if you are worried about your pet's health. Contact our practice today by giving us a call at (414) 282-5230. Our vet will conduct a full check-up of your pet and provide treatment if needed.


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