Heat Stroke in Dogs & Cats: Prevent Your Pet from Overheating

Summer Is Here! Protect Your Pet from Heat Stroke

Summer heat can pose a risk of heat stroke for your kit or pup, especially if your pet is covered with fur. In extreme cases, heat stroke can be deadly for your pet. That's why it's important to protect him from overexposure to the sun. The following pet tips from Greenfield Veterinary Clinic show ways you can safeguard your pet from heat stroke this summer. 

Water – Make sure your pet has access to fresh, clean water to drink all day long. Whether your pup stays indoors or out, he needs to stay hydrated. Putting ice in your pup’s outdoor water dish will keep his water fresh and cool and more inviting to drink. If you plan to be out for several hours, fill several bowls with water to make sure your dog doesn’t run out while you’re gone.

Shade – Outdoor pets should have easy access to shaded areas to keep them cooler and protect them from the sun.

Exercise – Walk your dog in the morning or evening when the weather is cooler to avoid heat stroke. You may need to shorten walks or play times outdoors if the sun is too strong. Keep in mind that paved sidewalks and roads can get searing hot in summer, posing the risk of burning your pet’s paws. When possible, treat your pet to an air conditioned environment while you’re at work or on outings to help him stay cool and comfortable during the heat of the day.

Grooming – Regular grooming rids your pet of excess fur that can cause him to overheat. If you own a long haired kit or pup, shearing his hair to about an inch long will keep him cooler while still protecting his skin from sunburn. Professional grooming sessions from your Greenfield veterinarian will ensure your pet looks and feels good all summer long.

See Your Greenfield Veterinarian for Quality Veterinary Care

Don’t take chances with heat stroke. Contact Greenfield Veterinary Clinic at 414-282-5230 today for valuable pet tips that can protect and preserve your pet’s health.  


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