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Flea Tick Prevention

Protect Your Dog or Cat from Fleas and Ticks in GreenfieldPrevent Fleas and tics from bothering your pet in Greenfield, WI

Nobody likes fleas and ticks, least of all the animals who are exposed to them on a regular basis. This kind of pest infestation can do more to your dog or cat than compel constant scratching. Fleas and ticks can lead to serious skin problems and dangerous diseases -- and an infestation brought into your home could eventually affect the human members of your family as well. That's why our animal hospital, Greenfield Veterinary Clinic, provides safe, effective preventative medications to keep your dog or cat protected all year round.

Learning More about Fleas & Ticks

When it comes to small but worrying parasites such as fleas and ticks, it helps to know your enemy. Fleas are tiny insects that can hop surprisingly long distances before settling onto a host. They lay up to 40 eggs a day, with those eggs being dropped wherever the host roams (including bedding and carpeting). Many pets suffer allergic reactions to flea bites in the form of skin rashes (dermatitis). As the pet scratches at the itch, the skin may be damaged and secondary infection may set in. To make matters worse, flea bites can inject many harmful things into your pet's body, from parasites such as tapeworms to such serious diseases as typhus and bubonic plague.

Ticks pose some similar dangers to fleas. A major infestation can extract an alarming amount of blood, potentially killing a sick, old, or very young dog or cat. These creatures can lay thousands of eggs once they've fed on the host -- and their bite can transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease and other hazards.

Flea & Tick Control from Our Veterinarian in Greenfield

Our vet clinic is proud to be serving Greenfield, Oak Creek and Greater Milwaukee Area pets with flea and tick protection. Our veterinarian in Greenfield (Dr. Work. Dr. Taylor or Dr. Sylla) can offer various medications to help your beloved companion stay pest free -- most of which require regular monthly dosages to prevent any windows of vulnerability that fleas and ticks might take advantage of. Options may include:

  • Topical medications - Topical products as K9 Advantix II for Dogs, Bio Spot-Spot On for Cats and Kittens and Revolution (for both dogs and cats) can kill both fleas and ticks.
  • Oral medications - No oral medications currently on the market kill ticks; however, Trifexis for Dogs and Vectra for Cats and Kittens are examples of oral medications that can kill fleas.
  • Collars - Our animal hospital can equip your pet with products such as the Serestro 8 Month Flea and Tick Collar for lasting protection against both kinds of pests (provided that your pet's skin isn't sensitive to the chemicals).

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Bring your pet to Greenfield Veterinary clinic. We're serving Greenfield, Oak Creek and Greater Milwaukee Area animals with the pest prevention they need -- and we can do the same for your best friend!


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