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Pet Dermatology

Pet Dermatology at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic

Perhaps your dog or cat has begun to scratch incessantly, even to the point of being raw in spots. Pets are not much different than us when it comes to skin problems food allergies, pet skin allergies, flea and tick infestations, skin infections all can affect your pet’s comfort and overall health. Serving the greater Milwaukee area, our veterinarian in Greenfield is an expert in the practice of pet dermatology.

Most vets recognize the basics of dermatology, such as when the pet is infested with fleas, has a skin infection, or suffers from dry skin. But here at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic, we have the added expertise to diagnose and treat more complex dermatology problems. This is especially important because after stomach upsets, the number 2 reason why people bring their pets to see a veterinarian is because of a skin problem.

german shepherd with its tongue out

Signs Your Pet May Have Allergies

Itching is the most obvious indication that your pet has an underlying skin issue. Every dog or cat scratches, but when it becomes excessive or constant, then there is a problem. Sores may develop and the ears and nails may be affected. Also, your pet may have recurrent infections. If you notice any of these signs consider bringing your pet into our clinic

Causes of Pet Skin Maladies

Allergies are the number one reason pets experience skin disorders. Allergies can be to food or to something an internal and external environment. Parasites, skin cancer, infectious disease, systemic disease, hormonal problems and ear infections can all cause skin disorders in your pet.

Pet Skin Allergies

When allergy is the source of your pet’s discomfort, you may notice all or some of these symptoms:

  • Cats: scratching, biting the skin, pulling out hair, and groom incessantly.
  • Dogs: itching, licking, chewing, scooting, rubbing and scratching.

In both dogs and cats, the attempts to alleviate their misery can actually result in open sores.

Pet Food Allergies

Pet food allergies are not all that common afflicting only 5-10 % of dogs and 30% of cats. A pet with a food allergy will have more than 2 loose stools a day and vomiting. Diagnosing food allergies requires a tedious process of elimination to find the offending culprits.

Pet Environmental Allergies

An environmental allergy could be to anything inside the home, outside the home, or anywhere in between. Some pets are affected seasonally and others all year round. We can perform testing to identify what your pet is allergic to.


Parasites can also cause dermatology problems for your pets, with ear mites, fleas and ticks being the most common. As your veterinarian in Greenfield, we are familiar with the parasites in our area and will work with you on both preventive and treatment strategies.

Treatments for Pet Skin Disorders at Greenfield Veterinary Hospital

To treat pen skin allergies, the first step is to avoid the aggravating sources of problems. Don’t feed foods known to bring on the pet’s conditions. We sometimes prescribe both oral and topical medications, use allergy shots and recommend antihistamines such as Benadryl. Special shampoos, moisturizers, and omega-3 fatty acids can also help alleviate your pet’s misery.

If your pet is suffering from pet skin allergies, please contact us today at 414-282-5230 to help him or her find relief.


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