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Pet Dental

Pet Dental Care in Greenfield

Dental disease is very common in our faithful companions, and it can unfortunately lead to additional complications and health challenges. You may even be surprised to know that periodontal disease has become the number one condition seen in vet clinics today. Greenfield Veterinary Clinic serves Oak Creek Greenfield and the greater Milwaukee areas offers you a complete dental care program, including dental exam, teeth cleaning, basic tooth extraction, digital dental x-ray, and routine care.

dog getting a teeth cleaning in Greenfield

Symptoms of Dental Disease

Unlike their human counterparts, by instinct most dogs and cats hide pain or illness to avoid appearing vulnerable to predators, which can make it hard to detect a problem. Some indications that there may be a dental issue include bad breath, a loose tooth or teeth, reluctance to be touched around the mouth, inability to eat properly, bleeding around the mouth or blood in the water or food bowl. You may also find that your pet has lost weight.

Detecting Dental Disease

Our veterinarians in Greenfield provide a complete dental care program for your pet, our first step in checking your pet’s mouth is an oral exam without anesthesia. We perform this during your annual visit and make a thorough visual inspection to check for any obvious problems. The results of this exam helps us develop a dental game plan for your pet.

Dental Cleaning

Once we determine that a cleaning is necessary, we’ll schedule a date for you to bring your pet into the clinic. For a thorough cleaning, we administer anesthesia which allows us to do a complete job while your pet remains comfortable. It also allows us to take x-rays if necessary.

Why Use Anesthesia?

Although some owners like to avoid the use of anesthesia on their pets, to perform a thorough cleaning that will fully benefit your pet, it is necessary. Anesthesia allows us to get under the gum-line where serious problems originate and by catching serious issues early, we save your pet from pain and you from expense down the line. The anesthesia we use is very safe and enables us to scale plaque and tartar to below the gum line, a preventive procedure to prevent the later development of gingivitis or periodontal disease. The bottom line for complete dental care is this: to prevent difficulties down the road it is necessary to visually check your pet’s teeth on an annual basis and remove plaque and tartar when needed.

Advanced Dental Care

Since we are a full-service veterinary clinic, we deal with most advanced dental issues right here in our facility. Specifically, this includes oral examinations, tooth extractions and treatment of oral infections.

If you have not as yet had your pet’s teeth examined, to ensure his or her health and comfort, please call us today at: 414-282-5230!


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