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Cat Declawing

Cat Declawing at the Greenfield Veterinary Clinic

When you bring a cat into your home, you may have problems with his or her claws. A cat can scratch up your furniture or personal belongings. In some cases, you may also have concerns about a cat scratching a young child or other pets due to aggressive behaviors. While you may try a variety of solutions, it is sometimes necessary to declaw your cat. At the Greenfield Veterinary Clinic, we offer declawing services to safely declaw your cat.

cat declawing from greenfield veterinarian

What is Cat Declawing in Greendale?

Cat declawing in the Greendale and Milwaukee areas refers to the process of removing the claws from your cat. Essentially, we cut out the claws so they will not grow back rather than clipping the claws for a short time period. Clipping a cat's claws will result in it growing back in the same way as clipping your nails. You must remove the claw completely to prevent it from growing back in the future.

Why Consider Declawing a Cat at Our Animal Clinic?

Declawing a cat at our animal clinic seems harsh and may not be necessary for every situation. There are concerns that may arise that require the measure to prevent injuries or risks to your loved ones and family. The key is recognizing when to consider the treatment and when to avoid the process.

One situation that may require the procedure from a clinic serving Oak Creek, Greenfield, and the surrounding areas is a medically necessary complication. For example, if your cat was injured and must have the claws removed for his or her safety and health, then a veterinary professional in our clinic will explain the reasons for the procedure and the risks to your pet if you choose to avoid the procedure.

In most other situations, you do have alternatives to declawing. You may consider the procedure if you or family members are harmed due to a cat's claws and aggressive behavior. Ideally, you want to talk to a veterinarian before making the decision because it may not be your only option and it does have some risks due to the surgical aspects of the procedure.

Talk to a Veterinarian in Greenfield Today!

You want to talk to a veterinarian in Greenfield whenever you have questions about your cat's claws and the risks to your family if you ignore their current behavior. Cats may need the procedure for medical reasons or due to problems that persist despite efforts to limit the risks. You must evaluate the situation before you move forward with a surgical procedure and a veterinary professional in our clinics may offer the information you need to finalize your choice. If you decide to move forward with declawing a cat due to health concerns for your pet or behavioral complications that persist, we offer declawing services at our clinic.

Keeping your pet healthy is not always a straightforward process and you may need to make difficult decisions. To learn more about cat declawing, call 414-282-5230 today.


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