Pet Eye Infections

Like people, pets are prone to developing infections as well. One of the locations in which a pet can develop an infection is in the eyes. When pets develop an infection in their eyes, this infection is prone to worsen. If this infection spreads on track, it can cause permanent visual damage. Furthermore, these infections may also spread the bloodstream, causing systemic signs and symptoms. Because of this, the helpful team from Greenfield Veterinary Clinic is here to help everyone better understand the signs and symptoms of pet eye infections. Understanding the signs and symptoms of pet eye infections will help every pet receive the medical care that it deserves.


Redness and Swelling

Two of the most common symptoms of eye infections in pets are redness and swelling. When the body is battling an infection, it responds by sending the immune system to fight this infection. The immune system triggers an inflammatory response, in this case in the eyes. This inflammatory response includes redness and swelling. If the pet’s eyes appear to be red and swollen, the pet may have an eye infection. This infection deserves the attention of a trained veterinarian as quickly as possible.

Thick, Smelly Discharge

Another sign of a pet eye infection is thick, smelly discharge coming from the eyes themselves. As the body tries to get rid of the eye infection, it will produce more tears. These tears are going to combine with the bacterial cells and the cells of the immune system to create a thick, smelly, discharge that comes from the eyes themselves. This will have a pungent odor that will probably wort across the room. If this odor is present, the pet probably has an infection and needs the attention of a trained medical professional as quickly as possible.

Sensitivity to Light

When there is an infection present in the eyes of the pet, the pet may become noticeably more irritable when the lights are turned on. Then, when the lights are turned off, the pet will probably calm down. This is a sign of sensitivity to light and is also a sign of a serious infection. The infection has damaged the eyes, cause them to become sensitive to light. In order to reverse this symptom, the pet needs the attention of a trained veterinarian immediately.

Trust a Trained Veterinary Doctor

These are only a few of the many symptoms of an eye infection in a pet. Pet eye infections are always serious and deserve the attention of a trained veterinary professional. Anyone who has questions or concerns about an infection in their pet should contact Greenfield Veterinary Clinic today to learn more. You can call us at 414-282-5230 to schedule an appointment today!


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