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Every pet owner needs to make sure that their pet receives its annual checkup in a timely fashion. There are numerous benefits to a yearly exam, these involve staying up to date on vaccinations, receiving shots on time, and addressing potential acute care issues. There are various conditions that a vet might diagnose in a pet, and every pet owner needs to ensure that they are familiar with these conditions. The dedicated team from the Greenfield Veterinary Clinic is here to help everyone understand these possible conditions.

An Overview of Conditions Treated at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic

At Greenfield Veterinary Clinic, our vets have a tremendous amount of experience, which allows us to take good care of your pet. Some of the conditions that our veterinarians see include:

Diabetes: This is one of the most common medical conditions that we see. The pancreas of a pet can't handle the glucose in the blood; this can lead to a variety of complications that impact the eyes, the kidneys, and the nerves. We will work with you to manage this condition.

Epilepsy: Epilepsy is one of the most common causes of seizures in pets. Fortunately, we can manage epilepsy by our trained vets. We will not let seizures impact the quality of life of your pet!

Distemper:  This is a deadly and highly contagious virus. Distemper virus is preventable with the use of vaccines, which is why your pet needs to receive an annual exam regularly.

Arthritis: Pets are capable of developing arthritis, as well. The vets at our animal hospital have seen arthritis impact all kinds of animals. We will leverage this experience for your benefit.

If your pet is acutely ill, please rely on our veterinarians to help your pet recover. We will place the needs of your pet ahead of our own, making sure your pet is set up to recover.

Count on the Team at the Greenfield Veterinary Clinic for Pet Care

Every pet owner needs to make sure that their pet gets the help that he or she needs. The team at the Greenfield Veterinary Clinic is here to help the local citizens with all of their pet care needs. If you have questions or concerns about the health of your pet, please call us today to schedule an appointment. Our dedicated and experienced team will do everything in their power to make your pet better. We will leverage the capabilities of our lab, our animal hospital, and our doctors to leave no stone unturned. Please come and visit us today. We are here to help you.


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