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Pet Boarding in Greenfield for Your Cat or Dog

Contact Greenfield Veterinary Clinic SC today at 414-282-5230 to schedule your pet’s boarding.

Does your pet have special needs?
Board them at a location with a veterinarian only steps away!

There’s no place like home for us humans and our pets, but Greenfield Veterinary Clinic, serving Oak Creek and Greater Milwaukee areas, is the next best thing as home for your cat or dog. We have over 38 years of providing pet boarding in Greenfield at our “home away from home” safe, comfortable and low-stress facility. There’s also the major benefit of having one of our veterinarians just a few steps away should the need arise.

Why Board Your Dog or Cat?

The worst part of going away is leaving your pet behind, but the best part is knowing they will be in a clean and comfortable environment with experts who lavish love and know how to handle any situation that arises. Why not leave your pet with friends or family? Though they may love your pet, they have their routines that just don’t naturally include your pet. Here your pet is our priority in every way.

The Advantages of Pet Boarding in Greenfield

Would you believe your pet will probably get more attention with us than at home? Believe it! With our veterinarians right here and our experienced, animal-loving and trained staff, someone is always around to give a rub, toss a ball, or grab a quick cuddle. Plus, your pet won’t need to deal with the horror of flying in a plane’s cargo hold or the complete monotony of a long car ride.

What to Look for When Boarding Your Pet

When you visit any boarding facility, look for the following:

  • Odors: fresh and clean or offensive
  • Cleanliness: pet kennels and general areas
  • Staff: warm, friendly and welcoming
  • Pets: generally calm and free of anxiety
  • Exercise: Dogs get walked or have kennel runs
  • Cats: Separate from dogs
  • Your gut: Do you have good feeling

At our facility for pet boarding in Greenfield, you’ll find we get a gold star!greenfield pet boarding

When To Board Pets at Greenfield Pet Boarding Facility

Whether or need for your pet is for a short or long stay, we are happy to accommodate you. To ensure the best pet boarding in Greenfield experience for your pet, there are some things you can do to lessen your pet’s anxieties. Tell us about your pet’s personality and how he or she gets along with both human and feline/canine strangers. If you’re nervous about leaving your pet, do a “trial run” for a night or weekend. If your dog or cat has any quirks or fears, let us know. We do require that pets be up-to-date with all vaccinations and free of internal and external parasites.

Simply put: there’s no better pet boarding in Greenfield, also serving Oak Creek and Greater Milwaukee areas, than Greenfield Veterinary Clinic. Call us to schedule a tour.

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